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Burly Smokeless Fire Pits | Made in USA | Welcome to the Backyard Lifestyle Family!

Burly Smokeless Fire Pits | Made in USA | Welcome to the Backyard Lifestyle Family!

Burly Smokeless Fire Pits | Made in the USA

      Burly Smokeless Fire Pits are our first Smokeless Fire Pit in our line up!   This is a fire pit like none other.  Burly was started with a few friends gathered around a fire, with probably one or two stuck in the "smokey" seat.  The idea after that was a simple idea, but a technical solution: invent a wood-burning smokeless fire pit that leaves no one stuck in a smoky seat.

After this group of friends had their idea the solution was born...Burly: a heavy-duty, long-lasting fire feature that is easy to start and hand-crafted to reduce smoke the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit. No one is having to play musical chairs every time the wind shifts whether in their backyard or around a campfire, since the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit is easily portable.

     Burly’s Smokeless Fire Pit has a specially designed flange and airflow
system vaporizes smoke almost entirely, which leaves every seat around they Smokeless Fire Pit comefortable. Whether friends and family are sitting on your
backyard terrace or camping in the mountains, there is no bad seat around the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit.


     Burly was formed in 2019, but have made an impact on the smokeless fire pit market. All Burly Smokeless Fire Pits are hand-forged at a steel fabrication shop in Piedmont region of Virginia providing high quality products to those who prefer them Made in USA.

      Burly's goal was to produce a smokeless fire pit that is built to last and utilizes a two-piece reduced-smoke technology. The Burly Smokeless Fire Pit burns a very hot and clean fire. Convenience is also part of the design with Burly Smokeless Fire Pits two-piece design makes the smokeless fire pit easy to move around and clean out.

Burly Smokeless Fire Pit also has an offering of great optional accessories to make the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit even better:

  • Two Different Sized portable Smokeless Fire Pits
    • 17” SCOUT Smokeless Fire Pit
    • 21" GATHER Smokeless Fire Pit
  • Two Different Finishes on Burly Smokeless Fire Pits
    • Steel w/Matte Black Powdercoat
    • 304 Stainless Steel Extra Durable Construction
  • Snuffer Lids to close the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit at the end of the night
  • A attachable Grill Grate for the best Open Fire / Wood Fire cooking
  • All weather cover to protect the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit


     The Burly Smokeless fire pit has a unique, two-piece design that eliminates
the headaches associated with conventional outdoor wood fires creating a new option Smokeless Fire Pits.

     Hot air is forced between the walls of the two units that make up the Burly Smokeless Fire Pit and circulates through holes beneath the Burly Smokeless Fire Pits specially designed flange. These holes introduce oxygen back into
the fire and excess smoke is burned off, leaving a nearly smoke-free fire pit experience.  The perforated inner floor allows air to circulate under the fire, making seasoned wood ignite quickly and burn clean.

     The largest portable Burly Smokeless Fire Pit, The 21" GATHER Smokeless Fire Pit, has an inner and outer piece weighing approximately 36 pounds each. Each piece of the Smokeless Fire Pit can be easily ported to the backyard or packed up for camping.  The pieces of the Smokeless Fire Pit when combined make a solid, sturdy, & Smokeless Fire Pit Made in the USA that will last for years.

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