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Saffire Kamado Grills.  A powerhouse for the outdoor kitchen!

Saffire Kamado Grills. A powerhouse for the outdoor kitchen!

Saffire grills bring out the best of Kamado Grills with their patented features that will be your go-to outdoor kitchen grill. They have all the versatility of the kamados on the market from low-and-slow roasts, pizzas, & smoked meats with great wood fire grill accessories that set it apart at an appealing price point. 

 Saffire Grills Platinum Large Kamado

Saffire Grills - Unique Kamado Features

  • Saffire Kamado offers the patent-pending "Crucible Firebox" which surpasses even the best kamado grills being rated up to 2,700°F and designed to eliminate structural failure. No kidding this is the best firebox on the market with faster charcoal starting & easy cleanup. Featured on the Large & XL Platinum Saffire Kamado Grills

  • Saffire Grills thought of everything and didn't stop with the firebox. Another revolutionary best kamado grill feature is their patented "Smokin' Chip Feeder." The Smokin' Chip Feeder takes your backyard kitchen grill and turns it into an outdoor kitchen smokehouse. Quickly add chips without losing & interrupting the cooking cycle.

  • No cutting corners on quality by the team at Saffire Grills. Saffire Grills are made with solid hardware from the hinges, bands, and carts are all made of the highest quality materials. Featuring quality ceramics for superior heat retention to 304 Stainless steel for max durability.

There are many quality kamado grills on the market, but the team at Saffire Grills wants to provide the best experience in the outdoor kitchen. Whether you are looking for a space-efficient all-around backyard kitchen workhouse, an addition to the outdoor kitchen arsenal, or even a tailgate size kamado Saffire Grill's has you covered.

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