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Santa Maria Grills vs. Argentine Grills

At Backyard Lifestyle, we are your source for a wide range of grills for your outdoor cookout enjoyment. Below we look at two types of grills that each can produce flavorful food for any occasion.

Santa Maria Grills

Santa Maria grills are open frame grills that include a mobile grid upon which meat is placed. They are known for their ability to preserve heat. This grill is built with a rotating chain system that allows you to raise and lower the food you are cooking. You can easily adjust the height of the grid based on the height and strength of the flames.

The pulley mechanism built into this grill allows easy control over the cooking process, leading to outstanding results. With a Santa Maria grill, you can closely monitor your food and reduce the chances of burning it much easier than you can with many other types of grills.

Santa Maria grills are generally manufactured in a rectangular shape with 2 to 3 layers on the inside of the grill. In a two-layered grill system, one layer holds the meat, and another layer holds the firewood. In a three-layered grill system, another layer consists of a fat and ash collection tray, which lends itself toward an easier cleanup process after cooking.

Argentine Grills

Argentine grills sometimes come with a sloped V Grate cooking surface that is height adjustable. The ability to adjust the height of the cooking surface with this grill enables precision control of temperature when grilling meat in order to achieve optimum uniformity in how the meat is cooked, with uniform doneness throughout the thickness. The sloped V grate cooking surface feature of this grill moves fat away from the fire, protecting against flare ups which might reduce the quality of the flavor of meat that are fine grilled.

Generally, Argentine grills use wood or charcoal as the fuel to cook. They do not use propane. The charcoal or wood infuses a smoke flavor to the meat. The meat of choice to cook on an Argentine grill is beef. However, you can also cook chicken, sausage, sweetbreads, and more as well.

Major Difference Between Santa Maria and Argentine Grills

The main difference between these two grills is as follows. An Argentine grill has a fire hopper box (brasero) for stoking the fire. The Santa Maria grill does not include a brasero. A Santa Maria cooks food directly over the flame which produces meat with a smokier flavor, but also has an adjustable grate. With the Argentine grill you can place the embers where you want to cook them, giving you more control over the heat applied to the food.

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