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Sunstone Grills | Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Multi-Fuel Grills, & Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Sunstone Grills | Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Multi-Fuel Grills, & Modular Outdoor Kitchens

      Backyard Lifestyle is proud to introduce another quality American Company to its Outdoor Kitchen lineup. Sunstone Metal Products brings expertise that is unmatched. Their quality and know-how are the reason man other grill companies use them as their manufacturer or design their grills after Sunstones Stainless Steel Grills. This company provides that quality direct to customers with best in class stainless steel grills, charcoal grills/wood fire grills, & true hybrid grills that support gas grilling, charcoal grilling, & wood grilling all in one. The team in Pflugerville Texas truly knows what they are doing and design the best grills in the game.
      Providing the best stainless steel grills in the game is only the start as they provide one of the easiest DIY installation systems on the market. Sunstones Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet system is amazing. Many of the island setups are as easily set up in around an hour thanks to Sunstone's Modular Outdoor Kitchen Lock Pin system. These Outdoor Modular Kitchens are as beautiful as they are easy to set up. Simply pick the Outdoor Modular Kitchen cabinets that make up your desired configuration whether it's an outdoor kitchen island, a full backyard kitchen with upper and lower cabinets, or that outdoor kitchen meets backyard bar for that game day cookout.

      Not only are these of the best stainless steel grills on the market, but they are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their grill structures & components, which is complemented by there 3 Year warranty on all I-Burners against burn-through due to customer abuse! These grills are quality and Sunstone Grills believes in all its Stainless Steel Gas Grills & Sunstone Modular Outdoor Kitchens.

     Looking for something different?  Try Sunstones Stainless Steel Gas Grill Cirque Power Burner as a standalone cooking appliance or in concert with a Sunstone Stainless Steel Gas grill for the ultimate outdoor kitchen!  The Cirque Power Burner will have you cooking over flames of the hottest wok with the multi-ring burner, drop on the griddle for some Korean Barbeque, or fire up a stockpot for a true Southern Seafood Boil.  
     Enhance your Stainless Steel Grill experience with innovative accessories from Sunstone Grills & Outdoor Kitchen systems.  Sunstone Outdoor Kitchen Insert Accessories can up the backyard kitchen experience with a Deep Fryer/Steamer for gameday wings or crab boil, outdoor breakfast on the griddle insert, or convert a compatible grill to a hybrid smoker with the 8" Charcoal tray.
     Whether you're in the market for a simple freestanding style grill using the Sunstone Modular Outdoor Kitchen bases under a true hybrid stainless steel BBQ grill, A full outdoor kitchen island complete with stainless steel grill & bar setup, or that grill set up to make you the envy of the neighborhood...Sunstone Stainless Steel Grills & Modular Outdoor Cabinet system will help make your Backyard Lifestyle dream come true!


In the Pflugerville, TX area visit Sunstone Metal Products

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