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Tagwood BBQ Argentine Wood Fire Grill | Welcome to the Backyard Lifestyle Family!

Tagwood BBQ Argentine Wood Fire Grill | Welcome to the Backyard Lifestyle Family!

      Another great addition to our Wood Fire Grill product selection!  The Tagwood BBQ Argentine Wood Fire Grill line.  These grills are exactly what you need to start charcoal grilling like a true Argentinian Grill Gaucho.  The grilling implements from Tagwood Wood Fire Grills are some of the best in Argentinian Grilling and Santa Maria Style Grilling.

     The creators of Tagwood BBQ Argentinian Wood Fire Grills started with a passion that grew from family BBQs with their Families & Friends getting together to enjoy good food and bonding with family, which is a core value of what believe your backyard kitchen should be here at Backyard Lifestyle.  The values at Tagwood Argentine Woodfire BBQ, which aligns with Backyard Lifestyle core values, are what they call the three G's of Argentinian Style Grilling:  Good Grills, Good Food, & Good Company.

     The passion that the team at Tagwood has comes shining through in their dedication to the tradition of Argentine Santa Maria Style Grills and quality construction of their product sharing that culture with the world.

     All of their products are built to last with the highest quality materials including 304 Stainless Steel Construction through each of their high-quality Argentinian Wood Fire Grills and Wood Fire Grill Refractory bricks that capture the heat for an even cook with you're charcoal grilling or woodfire grilling.  Not only does the Wood Fire Grill Firebrick capture the heat, but also helps protect the life and quality of the product as well!.

Check out one of the newest Wood Fire Grills in the Backyard Lifestyle lineup. The Argentinian Santa Maria Wood Fire Grills from Tagwood BBQ!


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