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The Benefits of a Wood Fire Grill

Woodfire grilling is among the oldest methods of cooking, but it is making a comeback. Here are some of the reasons why.

Better flavor

Unlike the usual charcoal and gas grills, a wood fire grill ensures that your food has plenty of flavor because of the wood smoke, which adds many aromatic compounds. When wood is burnt into charcoal, most of the compounds are lost; that is why wood is ideal for a flavorful meal.

The high dry heat of a firewood grill caramelizes the meat proteins and the plant sugars in vegetables and fruits. Because the grill allows you to move your heat source, it makes cooking very flexible; you can slowly allow tough vegetables to cook over the cooler part of a fire or quickly sear a steak.


A Wood fire grill allows you to not only barbecue but to smoke, bake, roast, and braise your food. Pizza, vegetables, pies, baby back ribs can all be cooked on the grill. Its versatility enables you to cook slowly on low heat or fast on high heat.

Produces a lot of heat

Think of a chilly evening hanging out with friends and family while grilling some meat and vegetables. You want something to keep you warm and cozy, which is where the wood grill comes into play.

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