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The best Outdoor Kitchen Wood Fire Pizza Oven? Chicago Brick Oven

The best Outdoor Kitchen Wood Fire Pizza Oven? Chicago Brick Oven


What makes a great pizza oven? Heat Retention? Temperature Control? Aesthetics? Durability? Why not have it all with Chicago Brick Oven the newest partner at Backyard Lifestyle. These pizza ovens are the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen or have it replace the whole outdoor kitchen! Chicago Brick Ovens can do it all pizza, meat, vegetables, bread, and more all with that signature woodfire oven flavor.  


Why Chicago Brick Oven from Chicago Brick Oven on Vimeo.


Chicago Brick Oven's Unparalleled Performance

Chicago Brick Oven's authentic wood-fired brick oven starts with an in-chamber fire. Additionally, that true authentic flare is modeled after the Italian wood-fired ovens that feature a low igloo-shaped dome for superior heating and heat retention. Take authenticity and mix with modern science and you get the Chicago Brick Oven's efficient flue system ensures that smoke won’t escape through the front of your oven.


Chicago Brick Oven's Wood Fire pizza also features their signature FlameRoll™ technology. FlameRoll™ creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1,000ºF in these amazing ovens. The high-performance design of the Chicago Brick Oven's brings an arsenal of tools to your outdoor kitchen including radiant heat, convection, and conduction cooking.


Chicago Brick Oven's Beautiful Aesthetics

We all love to gather around a fire for comfort, cooking, and exchanging stories. These gatherings have evolved in time from stone ring fire pits to the now aesthetically appealing Chicago Brick Ovens. The Chicago Brick Oven company designed their brick ovens with this in mind and feature a visible in‑chamber fire. Nothing will be a more beautiful sight to guests around your fire than a rolling flame cooking a fantastic meal to sit around and enjoy conversation & camaraderie.


Chicago Brick Oven's Superior Durability

The Chicago Brick Oven design teams paid attention to details that were passed through generations of European wood fire brick oven makers to design their durable ovens. Designs that were created withstand the seasons across Europe in regions such as Spain, Italy, & Germany. The focus of the team was to create a durable Wood Fire Pizza Oven.


Chicago Brick Ovens does not import their ovens, like most pizza oven suppliers who import, they are made in the USA and are certified to UL and NSF4 Standards. Chicago Brick Oven designers didn't stop with the best materials they have their own proprietary refractory cement formula and stainless steel fiber reinforcement for maximum durability even in extreme climates from coast to coast. We're looking at you Wisconsin & Minnesota!


Purchase a Chicago Brick Oven today and it will become part of the family!  

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