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Types of Grills: Which Grill is Right for You?

Grilling is a popular means of preparing food and entertaining friends. There is nothing quite like a backyard BBQ to encourage families and friends to gather. If you have never purchased a grill before, do you know which grill is right for you? Let this article provide you with the basic information you need to ensure you find the grill perfect for your use.

Types of Grills

At one time, it was simple. You choose between a gas or charcoal barbecue. There were not a lot of options. Today, however, the types of grills from which to choose the “perfect” one has increased. Among the choices are:

  1. Charcoal: The old standby, it is easy to use and favored for the smoky flavor it brings to the food it cooks
  2. Gas: The other most common option, it is fast and efficient
  3. Kamodo: This, a variation on a charcoal grill is heavy requiring a surface capable of bearing its weight
  4. Pellet: This grill uses wood pellets as a fuel source. It requires a power source

What to Consider

Before you choose one type of grill over another, be sure to consider

  • Size: How large of a grill do you require?
  • Purpose: Is it for the family, family gatherings or larger crowds?
  • Space: How much space do you have to house your grill?
  • Cooking Style: Do you like to grill quickly or prefer slow and steady?

All these different factors will impact your choice. Answers to these questions will help you decide which grill is right for you.

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