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Sunstone Grills | Emerald Series 42" True Hybrid Grill Gas/Wood/Charcoal Grill 2-Burner

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      The Sunstone Series 42” Gas/Wood/Charcoal Grill is a True Hybrid Grill the Next Revolution in the Outdoor Grill Market, built upon its predecessor, but now with added new integrated Dual Gas Combined 35,000 BTU Burners Ignition System under each Charcoal Grill/Wood Grill Drawer and coupled with the Exclusive Dual Zone Charcoal Grill & Wood Grill Burning Drawer System.  This truly Best Gas Grill...Best Charcoal Grill...Best Wood Grill in it's class, because it is truly a hybrid grill powerhouse!

      Easily replenish fuel while Charcoal Grilling or Wood Grilling while you continue grilling and easily remove whole drawer for easy clean-up, dumping ash waste away. The Sunstone Series 42” Gas/Wood/Charcoal Grill provides unlimited ways to fire it up for a Quick gas grill cook after work, ignite the charcoal grill or wood grill with the gas ignition system, Smoke like the pros w/integrated louvered venting, Sear like the best grill masters. The Sunstone Series 42” Gas/Charcoal/Wood Grill has endless ways to customize the drawer systems, the height adjustable top tray can be loaded with your choice of whole piece woods like mesquite, or oak – give your food an added flavorful experience. Use the Sunstone Series 42” Gas/Wood/Charcoal Grill on one side for High Heat Sear Grilling, while the other side of the Sunstone Series 42” Gas/Wood/Charcoal Grill is Low Heat Indirect Cooking & Smoking – and Re-Ignite the Charcoal Grill /Wood Grill in the Burn Trays as Needed using the hybrid gas function.

      The Sunstone Series 42” Gas/Wood/Charcoal Grill is constructed throughout with Solid 304 Stainless Steel – Engineered and Designed Exclusively in the USA, from the grilling experts of Sunstone. This grill has been well tested by top Chefs of BBQ Competition Events and has Proven itself worthy of it being of the best gas grills in the charcoal grills in the wood grills in the market...the BEST GRILL in the market.

 Emerald 42" Gas/Charcoal/Wood Grill 2-Burner Features:

  • Solid 14 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Drawer System
  • Solid 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Lift Spring Assisted Grill
  • Easy Lighting with Dual-Gas Grill Ignition Burners
  • Easy Electronic Ignition for All Gas Grill Burners
  • 35,000 BTU Gas Grill burners for quick cooks
  • Pro Searing Grid heats to 800 Degrees in Minutes
  • Dual Zone Multi Adjustable Height Fuel Burn Trays for
    • Charcoal Grilling
    • Wood Grilling
    • Gas Grilling
  • True Dual Heat Zones w/Removable Center Partition
  • Burn Charcoal or Wood in Drawers
  • Easy Clean Fully Removable Charcoal Grill Ash Drawer
  • Safety a concerns? Drawer can lock close
  • Heat Control with adjustable venting
    • Drawer Face Vents
    • Side Vents
    • Back Hood Vents
    • Dual Louvered Rear Vents for Smoking
  • Stow Away Dual Level Warming Racks
    • One rack included
  • LED Control Panel w/Lighting Effects
  • Interior Halogen Lights
  • True Multi-Fuel Hybrid Grilling
    • Gas Grilling
    • Wood Grilling
    • Charcoal Grilling
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Construction & Components
  • (Optional) Smoker/Steamer Box (Box Not Included)
  • (Optional) Space for 2xRotisserie Units (Not Included)


  Emeral 42" Gas/Charcoal/Wood Grill Specifications:

Product Dimenions:
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Width 30 Inch
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Depth 27 1/8 Inch
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Height 28 1/4 Inch
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Weight 150 lbs


Built-In Cut Out  Dimenions:
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Width 28 1/4 Inch
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Depth 22 Inch
Emerald 42" Built In Gas/Charcoal Grill Height 12 3/4 inch


Shipping, Returns, & Warranty

Sunstone Grills Product Receiving Shipping:

     On Delivery: Inspect all packages for signs of damage.  Sign and accept delivery if there are no signs of damage.  In the case of damage follow the below:

  1. Note the damages on Delivery Report before signing and receiving the merchandise. Do not reject the shipment.
  2. Notify Backyard Lifestyle LLC, email: or Call (844)511-1411, of damages or concerns within 48 hours of delivery.
  3. Provide Photos (damages to product, outer box, & packing material), refer to your Order # and description of damage.  Save the packing material.
  4. For freight shipments it is also wise to write “Not inspected for concealed damage” on the paperwork before accepting the merchandise.

Sunstone Grills Product via Parcel Shipping:

FedEx and UPS claims are usually resolved within 14 business days. All claims that involve Freight Shippers may take up to 120 calendar days to resolve. We will do our best to accommodate all requests for replacement goods prior to the shipper resolving the claim but we do not guarantee this for every shipment.

Sunstone Grills Product via LTL Shipping:

ALL LTL DELIVERIES ARE CURBSIDE UNLESS WHITE GLOVE LTL FEES ARE PAID. By signing the Delivery Report with no notes of damages you are accepting the goods as in good condition. All reports must be made within 48 hours after delivery. We cannot file claims with the shipper after this and you will be responsible for repairs or replacements. If you decide to leave a note and are not present at the time of delivery this is the same as you signing for the delivery without exception.


Sunstone Grills Product Receiving Returns:

Sunstone accepts returns on any item that was placed on the Backyard Website when meeting the criteria outlined below:

  • Return need to be made within 60 days of original purchase, in original packaging and unused  for a full refund (Minus Shipping Charges if purchased on our website).
  • When returning products it is Highly Recommended you Insure the products when shipping back to us, return will be rejected if product is received damaged and you will need to file your own shipping claim.
  • If product is returned Undamaged and in Original Packaging, but with some packaging damage, we charge a 15% Repackaging Fee.
  • When shipping products back to us, Please enclose a printed copy of your Purchase Order with the Company you purchased from inside the box
  • DO NOT MAKE MAKE ANY MARKS OR WRITINGS ON PACKAGING or you will be charged 15% repackaging fee.
  • Please allow 2-4 business days once product is received for us to complete processing, Once credit is issued it can take around 48 hours for you to see the deposit in your bank account.

We do not accept any other product return if they do not meet any of the above requirements.


Sunstone Grills Product Warranty:

 The Sunstone Grill offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all 304 Stainless Steel Structure and components.


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